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Today on the Tokyo podcast, we talk fame. More specifically, I talk to Bobby Judo about his journey to television success in Japan.

Like many expats, Bobby headed to Japan on an English teaching programme. He had graduated from college, wanted to live in another country and experience a different culture. Bobby bought with him a love of food, and cooking. His time in Japan allowed him to introduce new foods to friends and co-workers.

Thrilled with this role, Bobby’s passion for cooking grew and so did his desire to work in the industry. Bobby discusses how, like many, he harboured the misconception that success would be easier to achieve in Japan. However, as he explains, he soon discovered that location aside, he still needed to prove he was marketable.

Bobby shares his experiences in proving his marketability. He explains how modelling, and developing a YouTube channel, allowed him to segue into other areas. After proving his worth to his modelling agency, Bobby was able to pitch his cooking portfolio and this resulted in work for a local magazine. Ultimately, this led to segments as a guest cook on local television networks. Bobby discusses the freedom of such a career path, in comparison to English teaching – which he sees as lacking in opportunities for advancement. He also shares his goals for the future which include publishing a cookbook.

For more from Bobby, you can check out Bobby’s Instagram and YouTube channel.

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