Irezumi: The Art Of The Japanese Tattoo With Hori Benny


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Tokyo Podcast is pleased to welcome back past guest Unrested who is here to talk about an exciting announcement regarding his future in Japan. Anthony and Unrested talk about the opportunities that exist in Japan and what steps you can take to prepare yourself to look for and take advantage of the many opportunities that are here.

Unrested also mentions his current Indiegogo campaign that his publisher is running. If you are interested in seeing some of Unrested’s artwork then head over to Indiegogo and check out their campaign trailer.

In the second half of the show Anthony takes at look at the mysterious and beautiful world of Japanese tattoos. The history of tattooing in Japan is through to extend as far back as the Jomon period, which is 10,000 bc and even though tattooing has been in Japan for many years and is filled with historic symbolism it still hasn’t gained widespread public acceptance that tattooing has in many western countries.

To walk us through the journey of tattooing in Japan I am joined by renowned tattoo artist Hori Benny who has been tattooing in Japan 8 years ago, first starting off as an apprentice and then turing professional in 2007. Benny can be found at the Chopstick Tattoo studio in Osaka.

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