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For the last episode of Season 1, we talk studying in Japan. More specifically, I speak to Davide Rossi from GoGo Nihon.

Davide came to Japan as a language student after a three week visit and loved it. He compares his experience to the formative years of high school, explaining that studying with people from all over the world was eye-opening and helped him to grow as a person.

However, he faced many of the difficulties expats are confronted with when moving to a new country. He struggled to find a suitable apartment. He found it hard to make local friends. He didn’t know who to trust when signing up for different services. He struggled with how unclear all the rules and procedures were. He needed a bank account. He needed to know his address. He wanted to settle in but he had no idea where to start. Essentially, while Japan was welcoming, he found that, unless you spoke Japanese fluently, you were bound to be left frustrated and confused.

So, to help those in a similar position, he started GoGo Nihon – a service which connects students with language schools, and provides both students and schools with the support they require. For those interested in establishing a company in Japan, this is the episode for you. Davide discusses the process of setting up a company in Japan as a foreigner. He explains his business model and the relevant stakeholders. He explains the paperwork involved, the capital required, the benefits of having a business partner and the difficulties involved with acquiring a business visa.

If you are a language student looking at coming to Japan, look into GoGo Nihon. Their services, which are free, will help you to determine the right school for you and ease the transition into Japanese life.

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